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     Jesus Is Real!
   By: Reda Icenhour
Yes,  Jesus is real. He is alive, and  
 coming back to get His children soon!        
 Praise the Lord! All my life I had
 heard about a man called Jesus.....
     they said He lived on earth about 2000       
years ago, they said He was the
      Son of God! He went about doing good,
   He preached the Gospel, He taught
     in the synagogs, He healed the sick,          
  and cast out devils. They told me
     He raised the dead and even walked
      on water! I heard about His love, and               
    how the little children loved Him. I
          used to think,  " I wish I had lived then,
         I wish I could have walked with Jesus."
        How I longed to have heard Him speak!                  
To see Him as He broke the bread,         
 and fed the multitudes, oh how              
wonderful to have but touched the               
hem of His garment. I would have
      loved to have been Zacchaeus, to sit               
in a tree and have Him walk by an           
then stop, and look up--- at me!
 To hear Him say, " Come down, I
    want to come to your house tonight."              
But I knew that was all long ago...            
 and even if I had lived then I felt           
that Jesus would not have noticed         
 me...I was not important enough.

 But over fifthteen years ago, I was
      sitting in a small church on a  Wednesday               
 night. I was sick in body, mind and life in a mess. As I
     heard about Jesus, I had such a longing            
to know Him. I felt a lump in my                
 throat, and tears began to flow. I              
said, " Jesus, if you are real, please                
help me."  And, praise the Lord, He
    came into my heart, I was born-again...            
 changed forever!!  I felt my burdens           
being lifted away, I felt Him put
     His arms around me and say, " I want              
to come to your  house, I want to
     sup with you, teach you, heal you, and         
 feed you the bread of life, fill you          
 with the water of life, and you'll
never thrist again!"

      I had touched the hem of His garment,
      He had looked at me as He had looked            
at Zacchaaeus. He had come to my
       house! Praise the Lord, HE IS SO REAL!!!           
Jesus is real for me now! I have           
 come to know that He is alive now.
    He still heals and works miracles, He
   still raises the dead...He raised me
  from the dead, He healed me and           
filled me with the Holy Ghost, and          
 called me to preach His Word. Now       
 I go everywhere I can, telling people          
 about a man called JESUS that can          
 change their life...that He is alive
and loves them!

He stands at your door and knocks,
  He wants to come in and sup with you          
and live in your house. He will give
you peace, joy, and heal your body
     and soul. Won't you open your door and
see that JESUS IS REAL?                  

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