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                                                         What Does God Think About?

                                                             Have  you ever wondered what God thinks
                                                     about? His word says in Jeremiah 29:11
                                                        " For I know the thoughts  I think towards
                                                      you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace
                                                               and not evil, to give you an expected end."

                                                           God thinks about you and me. I marvel at
                                                          how God being in control of everything
                                                      can and will take the occasion to think
                                                           about you and me, each on an individual
                                                     basis. He not only thinks of us, but He
                                                           ponders and meditates on those thoughts;
                                                      God is intimate with His thoughts of us;
              He knows them.

                                                                        Then He tells us what His thoughts are.
                                                                   They are thoughts of peace. His peace.
                                                                         We commonly think of peace as absence
                                                                   of conflict. The concept of God's peace
                                                          is far greater than this. God's peace
                                                              encompasses the best quality of life for
                   each  individual.

                                                                   Yes, even in the midst of conflict we can
                                                                        have God's peace. I do not believe war
                                                                         or conflict to be the opposite of peace.
                                                                  I purpose to you that the opposite of
                                                                 peace is worry or anxiety.  Let us consider
                                                                 Philippians 4:6-7 " Be careful for nothing:
                                              but in everything by prayer and
                                                            supplication with thanksgiving let your
                                                       request be known to God.  And  the
                                                              peace of God, which passeth all
                                                                      understanding, shall keep your hearts
                                                              and minds through Christ Jesus."

                                                                             Do not worry about anything, but take
                                                                             each care to God in prayer, calling to
                                                                              remembrance and giving thanks for
                                                                     all God has already done for you.
                                                                      Believe that He will also handle this
                                                                           request. We have the assurance of His
                                                                      peace, even when there seems  to be
                                                                          no possible way for things to work out,
                                                                 when it is beyond our ability to   
                                                                           understand how things can be resolved.   
                                                                His peace not only stills a troubled
                                                                         mind it also brings the calm assurance
                                                                deep within our hearts that things
                                                                      will be all right. God brings His peace
                                                            through the person of His Son,
                               Jesus Christ.

                                                                     Thusly if we refuse to worry and in
                                                                           prayer, remembering that which God
                                                                         has done for us as we present our
                                                                      concerns to Him we will have His
                                                                         peace, even in the midst of conflict.
                                                                        Yes, God's thoughts toward us are
                                                                             of His peace. He is specific in saying
                                                                            that He does not  think evil towards us.
                                                                   God  has no plans for Satan or any
                                                                    of His wicked devices to befall us.
                                                                    God does not wish for bad things
                                                                       to happen to us. I find tremendous
                                            comfort in this.

                                                                           God's thoughts are to give you an
                                                                         expected end.  After all,  it's not
                                                                           the beginning or the middle, but
                                                                               the end of a matter that is important.
                                                                           Yes, God wants us to enjoy the best
                                                                      quality of life throughout  but what
                                                                  He really looks forward  to is the
                                                                         end when we are brought back into
                                                                          His presence. No matter how much
                                                                          we desire to be with Him in Heaven,
                                                                  God's desire for us to be there
                                                                         is even greater.  He gave His Son,
                                                                 Jesus, the Prince of peace that
                                                                      we could spend eternity with Him.
                                                                 This is the expected end God
                                               thinks upon for you.

                                                                            We have considered briefly what
                                                                          God's peace is, and how that we
                                                                             may have His peace. Now  that  we know
                                                                        what it is and how  to get it,  let us
                                                                            look at how we may keep God's peace.
                                                                               Philippians 4:8-9  "Finally, brethren,
                                                                          whatsoever  things are true, whatsoever
                                                              things are honest,  whatsoever things
                                                             are just, whatsoever  things are pure,
                                                            whatsoever things are lovely,
                                                                       whatsoever things are of good report;
                                                                   if there be any virtue,  and if there
                                                                    be any praise,  think on these things.
                                                               Those things, which we have both
                                                                learned, and received, and  heard,
                                                                 and seen in me, do: and the God
                                                        of peace shall be with you."

                                                                         Retaining God's peace begins in the
                                                                  mind. We see from the above list
                                                                       that  there are things which we are
                                                                      to let out minds dwell upon. We
                                                               are instructed to seriously
                                                                    examine this list and put into
                                                                      practice thinking upon these things
                                                              and then conducting ourselves
                                                              accordingly. The God of peace shall
                 be with us.

                                                                          As we have God dwelling within us
                                                                            and are partakers of His peace, then
                                                                  we must understand that our
                                                                    thoughts  toward others must
                                                                      likewise be thoughts of peace and
                                                              not evil. Such conduct does not
                                                                make for situations of conflict or
                                                                worry.  In so doing we can enjoy
                                  God's peace.

                                                                   Yes, God does think about you
                                                                and me and His Word shows
                                                                     us how we may enjoy the best
                                                                    possible quality of life, God's
                                                                        peace. There is no real peace if
                                                                    we do not have hope of eternal
                                                                   life through Jesus Christ. This is
                                                           the expected end of God's
                                                                    peace. God thinks about you and
                                                 Him, together, forever.
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