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Welcome to Web Praise For Jesus
Where we are praising Jesus!

Due to time constraints, this web site will

no longer be updated. Come see me at:


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God Bless America

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~The Writers Pen~

Weekly Updated Articles, Poems

And Such By Various Authors.

Check it out and be strengthened, encouraged,

challenged and blessed!!!


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My Home On The Web has many Rooms.
May you be blessed as you browse these pages!


The Library


Praise the Lord
All my Daughter's now have Website's!

My Daughter Patricia's Site
Victorious Battles

My Daughter Pamela's Site
More Than Conquerors

My Daughter Kristie's Site
God's Anointing

My Granddaughter Bridget's site:

Teens Loving Christ


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Where Are The Children?


Help the Innocent Children


Help the Innocent Children

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Shirley .


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Help the Innocent Children?

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What Happened?
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A Letter From Your Father
The Guilt, The Grace, The Gift
Birth Of A Miracle
Secret Pal Room
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I dedicate this web site to
Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith!
I pray that He will use it to His glory, and the
blessing of others.
I am constantly updating and adding, so please
visit often. You are always welcome!
If God gives you an article, poem, testimony, etc.
for this web site, email it to me and I will give
it prayerful consideration. Also, if you have a
recipe you would like added, send that also.
Thank you!

Midi is entitled 'The Healing'
Night Angel