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 Glorify The Rose

Though life is full of thorns,
I glorify the Rose.
He'll grace you with His rainbow,
After each and every storm.

And cherish you for being you,
No matter what the loss.
The Rose is here for all of us,
For the Rose has paid our cost.

If you are sad or lonely,
He will touch you with His peace.
A mighty love bestow to you,
A spirit of release.

The Rose will always seek you,
As you are drawn by thirst.
And a hunger for His wisdom,
If you'll only put Him first.

Though you hear Him call to you,
He will let it be your choice.
For the Rose protects us from the dark,
But in His light we rejoice.

You can be His rose,
To blossom in His light.
And He will send His Holy rain,
And you'll be His delight.




Midi is used with permission and is entitled
Beyond The Veil 2001 Bruce DeBoer.