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       June 2003

When I first started this web site I had

absolutely no knowledge of the internet! I'd 

had a computer for a long time but had no

desire to 'connect.'

However, times and things change and

now I am an 'internet' junkie! (grin)

One thing that has not changed is my

desire to serve the Lord through this site, 

and to glorify Him.

In January of 2000 when I began this

adventure, I was married and expected to

be married forever. But, that has changed also.

My husband told me our marriage was over. I

was devastated, and still am. But, God's

grace is sufficient!

I am still praying and believing that our

marriage will be restored. At this point

we are only 'separated.'


I am no longer praying and believing

for my marriage to be restored. I know

that nothing is impossible with God,

but I also know He will not force my

husband to change his mind. At this

point I am waiting for divorce papers

to be delivered so that I may sign them

and leave this part of my life behind.


I have five children, and eight grand-children

(so far! )

All of my children are serving the 

Lord, except for my oldest son Daniel,

who committed suicide in 1998.

When I first started this site, none of

my children were on the internet. Now,

my daughters are serving the Lord through 

web sites!

First it was Pamela, who did not have

a computer. We requested prayer that

God would enable her to have one and

He did!!! Her site is:

More Than Conquerors

Pam had been involved in a prison

ministry before the birth of her

" Miracle Baby."

She had prayed for a ministry in

which she could serve the Lord and

be at home with her children.

Next it was Patricia, who also did not

have a computer. Again, we requested

prayer and it was not long before she

had her new Gateway!

Her site is:

Victorious Battles

Patricia loves the Lord and is a

prayer warrior.

Then, Kristie,  who had no desire

to have a web site, and did not own a

computer, wanted a site of her own.

Once again we prayed that God would

supply the need, and He did!

You guessed it! Her site is:

God's Anointing

Kristie and her husband Rick are

Evangelists, and serve the Lord as

He opens the doors.

My son Ben is 26 and has a 

calling on his life to be a youth minister.

He preached his first sermon not at the

church Kristie and Rick pastored for a season.

He also sings for the Lord.

He is still waiting for the wife that

God had for him. He is a bit

impatient at times, but all things in

God's timing! He doesn't have a

web site, but who knows???

My granddaughter Bridget now has

a site of her own.......

Teens Loving Christ

Last, but not least, is my buddy,

Bandit, the ferret. As you pet

lovers will agree, he is more like 

my child that my pet!


Bandit crossed over 'Rainbow Bridge'

in October 2002. I miss him very much

as he was my buddy. Since then I

have had Rocker, who died the first of

this year (2003)

Now I have Flash, who is lean and

always on the go. Chubs is chubby and

has the cutest face and a sweet

temperament. They are both adorable,

and great company for me. :-)

Thank you for taking the time to read

a bit about the author

(with the help of Jesus)

of this web site! 

I also have another site, and you can

get there by clicking title below.

Web Praise

My new site is:

From The Heart

I have a graphic design portion on that site.

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