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Care For The Children
By: Shirley

James 1:27
" Pure religion and undefiled before God and the
Father is this; to visit the fatherless and widows
in their affliction, and to keep oneself unspotted
from the world."
ALL children should have a happy, problem-
free childhood. Unfortunately, ALL childrem are
not well-fed, well-clothed, well-schooled, well-
adjusted or well-cared for and loved.
Many of the world's young are hungry, both
physically and emotionally. They lack proper
clothing, education, supervision, attention,
and the most basic need, love. They are abused
physically, verbally, and emotionally, deprived
of love, attention, and even the necessities of
life. Other children are just 'hard to handle,'
raised by parents who do not have a lot of time
to devote to them for reasons such as work
pressures, among other things. This results
in a child having a 'hopeless' attitude about life
in general.
We as individual Christians are unable to
reach ALL the unfortunate children, but we
can make a difference in the lives of those
around us.
The Greek definition for "visit" in
this verse means: 'to inspect, select, to go to
see, relieve, look out.'
Selecting a child that is in need and
relieving his affliction is to be a 'doer' of
God's Word. We can help lift the too-heavy
burden of a child and bring a smile to a
solemn face that seldom expresses

Abused children live in fear and
rejection, with a distorted view of life and
God. Having been exposed to the harsher
realities of life, they are not easily
trusting. Patiently showing these little
ones the love of Christ may eventually
penetrate the wall of mistrust they have
constructed around themselves.
Children with behavioral problems
need to feel love, acceptance, and
understanding. Yet all too often they
are shown impatience and exasperation
by the adults around them. This causes
them to react negatively, reinforcing
the idea that these children are
Christ sees the potential in each
child, and He depends on His 'grown'
children to help them develop that
potential. This requires us to give of
our time, love, and even finances. But
the rewards of befriending an unlovely
child and seeing that child become
transformed by our love and efforts
are great.
Often all it takes for a child to
develop and blossom is to realize that
SOMEONE CARES. After all, while
we were 'unlovely' Christ died for us,
transforming our lives by His love and
mercy. The realization that Jesus loves
us causes us to want to grow and mature
into the "children" He would have us be.
Christ has freely given to us, so we
must freely give to others. If WE sow love,
acceptance, and understanding, we will
reap the same.
Jesus says let the little children come
to Him. Let us HELP them come to the
one that can change their life and give
them hope! Find a child and love and
care for her/him. You will make a
world of difference!

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