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Absence Does Not!

Revelation 2:4

"Nevertheless I have somewhat against

thee, because thou hast left thy first love."

We have all heard the saying

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

However, I do not believe this to be entirely

true at all times.

Of course, when we are first absent from a

loved one, that might be the case.

But as time goes on, the opposite might be


"Out of sight out of mind."

Any relationship needs to be nurtured, be

it in the spiritual or natural realm.

Communication is vital, without it,

misunderstandings and hurt feelings happen.

Love is intense, special, and oh so fragile.

First love especially so. The newness, the

joy, the anticipation of hearing a loved

ones voice, of seeing and holding them.

Pure bliss!

When I was first born-again, I remember

that the sky never looked so blue, the birds

never sang such sweet melodies! I was so

in love with my Jesus! I wanted everyone

I knew (and didn't know) to have this

experience! I had "zeal", but not 'according

to knowledge!'

If I am not careful, I will find myself

drifting, taking the love of Jesus for granted.

I might not spend as much time in the Word

as I should, might not pray as I should,

might not talk about Jesus as I should. I

might not commune with Him one-on-one,

listening to His voice, obeying His commands.

So it is with love in the natural realm

I might neglect to meet the needs of my

spouse, causing him to feel 'left out' and

unappreciated. I might not talk to him,

listen to him, or admire or respect

him enough. I might find myself taking

his love for granted; not trying to nourish

our relationship.

In our Scripture verse, Jesus had just

commended the Church of Ephesus. Then

came the rebuke. Isn't that just like our

Jesus! He is so loving and gentle, yet

strong and just! He tells them to 'repent'

and do their 'first works.' Or He will come

and take their candlestick out of that place.

After He commends them, and then rebukes

them, He commends them again!

It is a serious thing to leave our 'first love.'

We will have to take the consequences and

sometimes those consequences are very painful

and hard to bear. But it is our own doing,

and what we sow we must also reap.

Jesus will forgive, and forget, but our

spouses/friends/children/parents may not.

The hurt may be far too deep for it to be healed.

We need to take the time to renew our first

loves. In the Spiritual and the natural realms,

we need to nourish, protect, and


So that we will not have to hear the Lord or

our loved ones say:

"You've left your first love."


Copyrighted by : Shirley

All right reserved.