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 A Letter From Your Father
 My Precious Princess and Daughter-
You are the apple of my eye--
I love you!
And because you are so important to Me,
I want
you to know that I am in
control of every event
in your life.
Just as my name is not
mentioned in the book of
Esther, I may not always
be evident in the workings of
your life. But have no fear,
I am always with you. I
will never leave or forsake you.
That's my promise to you, my
beloved. I care about
everything that happens to
you. I am in control.
Even your mistakes or
failures become part of
my work. Never despair.
I am creating and weaving
the threads that form the
tapestry of your life. You
can only see the seemingly
mismatched colors and frayed
edges of the back, but I am
carefully cross-stiching a
gloriously finished,
beautiful picture fit for a
Trust my sovereignty, look
for me even in the shadows
of your life. see my perfect
will; believe in My love,
even if it isn't obvious. I
am guiding you. And even
though you cannot see where
I may be leading you, trust
my plan for your life. It
may take years for it's
beauty to be obvious. In
the meantime, let others
see me in you through
your trust in me.
Your Heavenly Father,
The King
(Author Unknown)
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