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There's a mansion up in heaven
On a street that's paved with gold
Jesus built it just for me
Back in the days of old
And when I get to heaven
I'll be living there
Life will be so peaceful
I'll not have a care
So if you get to heaven
Come and visit me
We shall take a walk around
And here's what we may see
Maybe we'll see Moses
Sitting 'neath a tree
Telling everybody
How to part the sea
Then we might see Aaron
Talking 'bout that rod
And how one night it budded
When he gave it up to God
I know that we'll see Joshua
Enjoying his reward
There's a sign on his front door
"I shall serve the Lord"
What about old Abraham
The father of us all
We'll likely see him there
I know he got the call
I know that we'll see Gideon
He'd do it all again
If he got the word from God
And just three hundred men
I want to see old Sampson
He'll probably be there
But will he be bald headed
Or will he have his hair
We might just see Naomi
And Deborah and Ruth
There's lots of girls in heaven
Because they served the truth
I know that we'll see Hannah
Enjoying her reward
She's the gal who had a child
And gave him to the Lord
Her baby's name was Samuel
He grew up for the Lord
There are 2 books that bear his name
He got his just reward
Maybe we'll see Jonah
Now, he's got quite tale
'Bout how he ran away one time
And wound up in a whale
I'd like to see king David
His heart was with the Lord
You know he killed Goliath
He went to his reward
We'd have to visit Daniel
Who was thrown into the den
But the lions never touched him
His faith won out again
And then there's Paul and Silas
And Peter's up there too
And all of those disciples
Who brought God's word to you
These are not just fairy tales
These stories are all true
It was God who made them happen
To reveal himself to you
I am really not so sure
That you can understand
Unless, of course, you know my King
And what he's done for man
Let me tell you of my King
The King who died for me
The King who came back from the grave
The King who set me free
First of all He was virgin born
Lived blameless 'til he died
And though he never once had sinned
They all said he lied
So they nailed Him to a cross
For everyone to see
My King knew that He must die
So he could set me free
But death was not His master
Could not hold Him in a grave
For Jesus Christ is Lord of all
To death He is no slave
He's no longer on that cross
He sits upon His throne
Telling God the Father
He counts me with His own
But if you do not know Him
He's still upon that cross
Waiting there to wash you clean
Not count you with the lost
If you do not know Him
And know not how He died
You don't know how He suffered
For he was crucified
A crown of thorns upon His head
A spear wound in His side
His hands and feet nailed to that cross
That is how He died
They placed a sign above His head
Sarcasm brought the news
It was a sign that simply said
He was the King of Jews
Oh, He suffered through the shame
And all that misery
Why would he take on such a task
He took it on for me
They placed His body in a tomb
It's over now, they said
But halleleujah they were wrong
He's risen from the dead
Now there's an old time story
It's one we know quite well
Bout how the Lord descended
And stole the keys to hell
My friends I have to tell you
That story is a lie
I say He didn't steal that key
And here's my reason why
There is not one scripture
That says He stole that key
For if the Lord had stolen it
He could not set us free
As just as sure as Noah
Survived that mighty flood
Jesus didn't steal that key
Then he built my mansion
In fact, He's built a few
Mine's right beside another one
The one He built for you

Thank You Lord

Used With Permission

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