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My Gifts
Graphic Intense!
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My welcome from:
Let His Light Shine
I am honored to be a
member! These people are the

     From Let His Light shine!
To let me know they were
praying for Pamela.
CWOW Snowglobe
Christian Women On the Web
Another great group of ladies
I am blessed to be a member of!
Welcome gift from;
Angelic Angie
Thank you!
Welcome gift from Dani
thank you so much!
Welcome gift from
Thank you!
A gift from Barb
Thank you!



           Gifts from the Millers! Thank you!

         Disciples Group! A dedicated
group serving Jesus.
      Gift from Lori...thank you!
              A gift from Tammy...thank you!
            A gift from Marti...thank you!
  A  Gift From Angie...thank you!

A special friend!

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