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Be Still And Know


"And when He had sent the multitude away, He went into a
mountain privately to pray and when the evening was come,
He was there alone."

Often in a Christian's life when one is busy 'about the Father's
business', God calls us into a place of solitude and silence
to renew and strengthen us. We may become so busy 'doing'
that we forget momentarily to fellowship with the One that
we are serving!

Solitude and 'being still' is a matter of the heart; an inner
disposition that allows us to enter our prayer closet at any
moment, ready to listen to what God is saying. Also our
times of being alone with God will better equip us to live
in the presence of others. Moses, in his 'tent of meeting'
camping out on the mountain of God, herding his sheep
and goats through the empty wades of the desert, was
often alone.

It was the silence and the solitude that brought him face to
face with God. Elijah, running from the woman, Jezebel,
thinking he was the only one left, was alone in a cave when
he heard that still small voice of God.

Jacob was alone at Jabbok  when he wrestled with an
angel of the Lord and his name was changed. From being
a deceiver, he went to a man that prevailed with God, and
thereafter his name was Israel.

John, exiled to the Isle of Patmos, was alone when he
received the revelation of Jesus Christ. In a place of
solitude he received visions of what the future would be.
God wants us at times to come into a place where He
can make Himself known to His children, without any
hindrances or  distractions. He wants us to come alone to
meet Him face to face, as it were, one on one.

There He can speak directly to His children, and His
children can hear directly from Him. We need this time with
Him to be strengthened and encouraged, instructed and
guided, refreshed and renewed.




Midi is used with permission and is entitled
The Quite Night Angel