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     By : Reda Icenhour   
      ( Jesus Is Real Ministries )
             Being raised on a farm most of   my growing-up  years,  I had
               ample opportunity to observe  the farm  animals, including
the mother hen; or, as we called them "setting hens."  
  Many times I have been  amazed to see the mother
    hen raise up to walk and a  dozen or more baby chicks
   would appear from under  her feathers. I've thought how
             warm and safe they must feel  as they huddle where no
harm can  reach them,  unseen by the world,
protected from the evil that would surely befall
them should they stray from these sheltering
 wings. Being obedient to her call at a moments
         notice means the difference in life and death, and
they all run together.
Once the Son of God
       came down from His throne in heaven and made Himself
    as  lowly and protective as a mother hen...once He
 looked out over Jerusalem and said;   ( Luke 13:34)
 " How often would I have gathered thy children
together as a hen doth gather  her brood under
 her wings, and ye would not."...
        He wanted them to be safe, warm, loved, and
         to be as one under His wings. With baby chicks,
         the only thing between them and destruction
  is the protecting wings of their mother.
      So it is with us...only in the shelter of the wings
  of Jesus is there safety, warmth, peace and
         protection. Just as the mother  hen will attack
anything to protect her own, Jesus will always
 come to our defense. So why do we
 refuse to be gathered together! Why
 are we cold, afraid,  sick and hungry when Jesus
holds  all we need?  It's a matter of trust...we
      would rather trust the arm   of flesh than be like those
baby chicks who obey unquestionably the call
of the mother.
 If we would make Jesus the
   center of our life and run to Him together, as one,
 what a victorious life we  could have! Just imagine if
 when she called all the  babies would start to run
        in different directions, she could not possibly take
 care  of them all...some would perish.
Jesus is calling today so let us run to Him...
     we can find the peace  and warmth we need.
Malachi 4:2 tells us
there is " healing in His wings"...
 we can be healed there. Psalms 36:7 says:
      "Therefore the children of  men put their trust under
      the shadow  of Thy wings. " It's time for
 us all to run to Jesus together, as one, to find
the shelter we need, to allow Him to fold His loving
           wings around us and  "gather us together as a
 hen gathers her brood."  How comforted
       and safe I feel when I read Psalms 91:4..." He
  shall cover thee with His feathers, and
under His wings shalt thou trust."
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