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Quite Strength
By: Leda Winebarger
New Wine Ministries

I'll never forget the first time I saw the ocean.
 It took my breath away.
It's vastness, its beauty captured me instantly.
By the same token,
 I'll never forget my first encounter with
 the power of the ocean.
The tide had come in and I was walking
(much to closely) by the shore,
 carrying a bucket and some bright new towels
I had bought for our trip.
 Before I realized what was happening,
 a wave knocked me down
 and the under current pulled my towels
 into it's powers.
 Within seconds, the towels were gone,
 pulled away by the rip tide
and I was left with a new respect for
the power of the sea.

Sometimes beauty and gentleness can hide
 strength and power, but that never
 means it's not there.
Many times we are guilty of judging the
 relationship people have with God based
 on their outward actions. They don't
pray long enough,
 shout loud enough sing pretty enough.
Maybe their hair or dress is
 the wrong length. We can always find
 something if we look long and
hard enough that
 doesn't suit our standard. And when
 we find it, we dismiss the person and
 their power with God.

I have friend who is very quite.
When I first became aquatinted
 with her I felt she was a Christian-just not
 `committed' enough
 Because she didn't demonstrate her faith in
 God the way I did, I felt she was
 lacking in power.
I have known her for over five years now.
 I watched, when her rebellious
child ran away, as she humbled
 herself and
 asked God to protect her
 child while she couldn't be there to
 hold him and keep him safe.
I saw the trust in God as she turned her
 first born over to Him-and
I was amazed. When her husband became
 tired of married life and
decided to leave, I saw her let him go-
 then ask God to help HER
 become a better spouse. When he wanted to
 come home I saw forgiveness,
as it should be. When a mutual friend
 lost her job, she was the first to
send her a card with a little money tucked
 inside-money I knew she
couldn't afford. And when her beloved
dad died she mourned,
sad for her loss, then rejoiced that
he was with the Lord.
I have asked God to forgive my judgment
of this friend many
 times and to help me be as committed
 to Him as she is.
Look around you. Maybe you see someone
 that you have judged.
 Ask God to help you see them for
 who they really are.

Then remember the ocean.
Psalms 77:19
 "Thy way is in the sea, and thy
 path in the great waters....."

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