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Looking For Answers
By: Joyce Humphery
It's not the lonely man who's on the street,
it's not the ones who have no food to eat...
it's not the addict or the prostitute,
nor the millions who are destitute...
it's not the burdens that so many bear,
it's just the fact that so few really care.

So we continue our searching for answers
 in all the wrong places,
filling our lives with more empty spaces...
looking for purpose a reason for living,
hoping these things will be the source
of the giving...
fighting and fuming...victory assuming,
but the battle has been lost,
oh, the battle has been lost.

So listen to me, I have much to say,
we must find the truth the living way...
we can work our fingers to the bone,
but without truth we're working all alone...
and the things that plague day and night,
cannot be conquered by just will and might...
these things may seem to work and
 bring relief,
they only mask a deeper kind of grief.
For our answers are NOT found in
programs or more education,
government grants, our Rights legislation...
more money to live on Sports to be big on,
Wealth, health, or beauty...
what happens when they're gone?...
destroying our babies, our minds and
our loved ones...
and the battle goes on, yes the battle
 just goes on.
The only answer for the World today,
is Jesus Christ the truth the living way...
Our needs are deeper than the things we do,
or sacrifice our time and talents to
For there's no lasting joy in things obtained
just the need to find a greater gain...
people driven by an inner need,
the simple truth found in Salvation's plead,
the simple truth found in Salvation's plead.
All life's answers ARE found in God's pages,
the truth that's unchanging...
our source through the ages...
and life rearranging,
He's our reason for living,
sustainer, provider, Creator, companion,
comfort, Joy and confider...
The true and the Just one...
The most High and Holy one,
Through Him life's battles have been won...
there's victory in Christ God's Son!

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