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By: Leda Winebarger

       Psalms, a book rich in verses of
 comfort, joy, peace, and hope,
is one of the most beloved books
in the Bible today. David, who
 wrote most of the Psalms, knew
what it was to be God's anointed. He
also knew how terrible it was to fail
God miserably.
      No wonder we read in PSALMS 116:3
 "The sorrows of death compassed me
     and the pains of hell gat hold upon me,
 I found trouble and sorrow."
 Yet in the same Psalm he
said: "Gracious is the Lord and
 righteous; yea, our God is merciful."
 ( Psalms 116:5)
David had an inspiring, poetic ability
to express his relationship with,
and deep reverence for God, and
his words could pierce the hardest
 hearts. That is why, when I read
 the beginning of Psalms 116, the
 simplistic, yet powerful nature of
the first three  words jolted me, and
my spirit   identified joyously...
" I love the Lord"...
" I love the Lord"...and because of
this love I serve Him...
" I love the Lord "...  and because I
do, I relish His word...
" I love the Lord "...therefore
 I gladly meet Him in prayer each
morning, praising Him for my
salvation and   crying out for those
who are lost  and do not know Him
as I know Him.
" I love the Lord " I am willing
to die to my fleshly desires even
  though death is sometimes painful...
  " I love the Lord "...therefore I pray
for my enemies though they never
know it..." I love the Lord " I
  try daily to keep His commandments.
When I hear people speak
negatively of "works" and accuse me
 of working for my salvation, it breaks
my heart. They don't understand...
the things I do are not to earn my
salvation...Jesus already paid
the price required for my soul...His
precious blood...these things I
do simply because my heart cries
with David..." I love the Lord "...

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