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Eagle Pic
Like An Eagle

When I was a  small  child,
we lived on a farm            
  in rural North Carolina.
We had  cows, pigs, horses,
and chickens. I always
avoided  these creatures,
 although they
 were cute  
 as 'baby chicks.'
Earthbound, these 'barn
chickens were allowed to
within certain boundaries
day, but confined to
a crowded  
'chicken coop' at night.
When an intruder would

their lair in the
darkness, these
                          chickens would run                                                    
 around in circles,
wildly flapping their wings,
squawking loudly with fright
in a
futile attempt to escape their  
At times Christians behave
like these hapless creatures!                                           
When attacked by our enemy,
we simply run around trying                                        
to find a "word"                                                                                                                
duck for cover, or just
                    yell loudly in fright!
We are unable to stand our
ground and fight simply
because we have no solid  
realization of who we
are or what we have in Christ.
In contrast, consider the
powerful, majestic Eagle.
an Eagle uses turbulent winds                                                       
to aid him in flying above
earth's distractions, and
the harassment's of other
birds, such as 'suspicious'
crows,   disgruntled hawks,
and other annoying smaller
These winds allow him to
soar to incredible heights,
enabling him to see great
great distances, and from a
higher perspective.
The writer of Proverbs
marveled at the way  of
an Eagle in the air.
(Proverbs 30:19)
It was too 'wonderful'
for him to comprehend.    
Paul writes in Ephesians  
that we be enlightened as
to know the  marvelous   
riches of the inheritance
we have in Christ,   and
the greatness of  His power.
We need to understand
that we have been
"raised up together to
sit together in heavenly
places in Christ Jesus" by
this power.
Christians who behave
like Eagles use turbulent
winds (adverse situations
tests and trials) that
occur in life to rise
above earthly distractions,
pressures, and temptations.
They allow God to use
these things for beneficial
purposes, as an aid to
"laying aside every weight
and the besetting sins"
They are intent on
soaring to new  levels of
Spiritual growth and new
heights of victory.
Job 39:28 says:
" The Eagle dwelleth and
abideth on the rock, and the
strong place."
If we abide in Christ,
our Rock, the Word says
that we are 'more than
conquerors through Him
that loves us.'
We are promised that if
we "wait" on the Lord,
we shall mount up with
wings like Eagles, and
our strength shall be
" Renewed" in this verse
meaning to exchange our
strength for His.
Our 'strong place' is in
Jesus, the Rock on which
we stand. He has given
us all be need to live as
victoriously as does the
Eagle, who is majestic and
fearless in flight.
We do not have to be
afraid of the tactics of
Satan, for our weapons
are mighty to the pulling
down of strongholds!
May we al strive to be
as the Eagle, and quit
acting like the lowly

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