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      Go To Church!

      David said, " I was glad when they said
   unto me, let us go into the house of the
Lord." ( Psalm 122:1)
Indeed church attendance is to be
 regarded as a priviledge, a source of
  joy rather than an obligation. Not all
people, even in our country are able
to gathr together to worship Jesus
Christ. Consider those who are in
hospitals and mental institutions
who cannot attend church. How
much more fortunate are we.

There are things one need to do
before you go to church. Go to
church expecting a blessing and
you will be blessed.
One can go to church as a self
appointed critic and be sure
that they can find something
or someone to criticize. What
joy is found in critism? That
person who delights in causing
others misery is, of all people,
most miserable. Pray for the
critics, there are plenty of them
and they surely need our prayers.

One can go to church with an
attitude of indiference. So often
we get into a rut or routine of
doing things that they become
almost automatic, performed
without concious thought, yes,
even going to church. I tell you
that such practice is a waste
of time. Christ said in
Revelations 3:15-16
" I know thy works, that thou
art neither hot nor cold: I
would thou wert either hot
or cold. So then because thou
art lukewarm, and neither cold
nor hot, I will spew thee out
of my mouth."
We see that indifference is
more than  a waste of time,
indeed indifference is a
dangerous state to be in.
Pray that the spirit of
indifference will be cast off
all people and that
everyone's stand will be
Again, I say, go to church
expecting a blessing and
you will be blessed. You may
ask, " How does one prepare
to expect a blessing?"
In times past I would attend
an event knowing that I was
going to have a good time. I
knew what type of things
to expect. If there was doubt
in my mind that things would
be as I desired then perhaps I
would make preparation before
I arrived to insure my having a
good time.

As a Christian I can take lessons
from the behavior of " the
old nature." First of all I go
to church knowing that the
Lord is going to be there and
that I will be blessed. Should
I for some reason feel that I
am unprepared for a blessing,
or maybe just to ensure that
I receive a blessing, I "stop
off for a few moments in
His word, fire up a prayer,
and do a few lines of Praise,"
acknowledging His goodness
on the way to church.

The Word tells us in
 Mark 11:24
" Therefore I say unto you, what
things soever you desire, when
ye pray, believe that you
receive them, and ye shall
have them."
Above all pray for a blessing
before each and every worship
service, believing, and you
will be blessed!

And do not forget to pray that
others will also receive a
Isn't God wonderful?!


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