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There’s an enemy in our midst
he’s been welcomed as our guest
We have placed him at the table
fed him well, made him able

Gave him honor and respect
Thought he came in to protect
But he’s been workin’ day and night
to tear down God’s truths we call right
(verse 1)
There’s an emeny in our land
roaming sea to sea and sand
We have stacked his mighty army
placed much power in his hand
He has come not to kill us
just beguile us, rob and steal from us
The truths that give us strength
 to live a Faith that’s not of man
On this mission he’ll mislead us
use our senses to deceive us
Cause our minds to justify our ways
as “new light” sent from God
When life’s journey’s almost ended
our lives are torn unmeanded
Looking back we’ll see the broadened
road, with the enemy we have trod
(verse 2)
If God’s Word is just another book
in it’s pages we seldom look
We can never truly know our
 great and mighty God
And confusion over what is right
where or when, who or why
Is just another symptom of
 the enemy’s great lie.
For God’s truth will set our spirits free
Give us life, liberty
Give us strength to live our lives
 apart from this old sinful world
But the enemy’s convinced us
By this world’s ways God will bless us
Now no longer mighty conquerors--
Our Faith has been unfurled
(verse 3)
Blinded eyes, hearts deceived
the reason Satan’s lies believed
In this war to win the hearts of men,
God’s Spirit we have grieved
By God’s Word we find the
 strength to fight
In knowing Christ the Spirit’s might
to call upon the pow’r of
 God and simply to obey
“Draw nigh to God He’ll
 draw nigh to thee,
resist the devil and he will flee"
Words of God we ought to know
and live by every day
Victory’s ours we can win this war
with eyes on Christ deceived no more
Feet firmly planted on the Rock,
heart’s treasure--heaven’s shore
“Draw nigh to God He’ll draw
 nigh to thee,
resist the devil and he will flee”.
Feet firmly planted on the Rock,
Heart’s treasure--heaven’s shores
Then the enemy will win no more
Joyce Humphrey
 Used with permission, and is Copyrighted
All Rights Reserved!

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