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                 Pass It On!


                              If  the Lord gives you a thought that
                          can be shared,
                       Pass it on

                              For it may help someone who thought
                     no one cared!
                          If the Lord has a song for you to sing
                           Pass it on
                             For what a blessing it can bring!

                           We can witness for Jesus even when
                      we only write a letter
                        And when we pass it on
                                  Can make a friend feel so much better!

                          Don't hold back that smile
                         But pass it on
                          For people can tell the difference
                      in God's child!

                           Oh, the joy's of Jesus and His love
                         I want to pass it on
                               And tell everyone of that home above!
                              Telling others what Jesus has
                             done for you
                           By passing it on
                                Will let them know He can do that
                           for them, too!

                                The news that Jesus is coming soon
                               Needs to be passed on
                               For those who don't believe
                            or they will be doomed!
                           The truth about Heaven and Hell
                              Has got to be passed on
                               For when we die,
                                there is one place we will dwell!
                         Written by Peggy Jenkins and
                          dedicated to her sister in the Lord,
                           Clara Billings

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