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Why A Carpenter

By: Patty Johnson
Why did God choose a carpenter   
To father His Son?
A man whose marriage
had barely begun.

Was he worried traveling
 with his new family;
to a land of bondage
from which his fathers
 were freed.

How strong were the arms
 holding Jesus the babe?
Or cleaning the manger
where Jesus was laid.

Did he tire of "show me
 again how you
do this, please, dad."
With work piling up in his shop...
was he mad?

Could a carpenter host simple
 shepherds in a stall;
then receive wealthy kings
and not be
changed by it all?

God, of course, knew His Son's
'dopted dad;
who would help shape and mold
that dear little lad.

How rough were the hands
working wood and stone;
holding Jesus' hand 'til He
 toddled alone?

Raising up the God/Man righteous
 and holy;
god knew who would love and
provide for Mary.

With obedient spirit, reflecting
 God's light
God's choice of Joseph
Was perfect and right!

....." and to Jacob was born Joseph
the husband of Mary by whom
 was born Jesus, who is called
the Christ." (Matthew 1:16)

A parent's role in the child's
training and example of
love is essential. As a mother
of three adopted children,
I see daily the omnipotent
love of God in placing children
in their families.
( Patty Johnson )