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Satan is a liar; he was a liar from the beginning,
truth is not in him. In fact, the Bible calls him the
'father of lies.' Satan whispers lies to us to keep us
bound, discouraged, and at odds with each other. His
mission is to abuse and seduce, mixing a bit of truth to
make his lies more palatable. "After all", he'll  whisper,
"what could this one time hurt? You've been so good,
 you deserve a break don't you?"

Satan attacks us  with his whispering lies when we
are most vulnerable. It is at these times that he'll
say, "why keep trying, you're not going to make it.
No one appreciates you, why bother, they don't care
why should you?"

Satan will hammer away at our defenses, endeavoring
to cause us to become discouraged, depressed, and
tormented. He is an expert in the area of 'mind battles
and he will use the past as well as the present to taunt
and accuse. The 'past' is a favorite weapon of his. He'll
remind us of things we did years ago, insinuating that
God could not possibly have forgiven us for those things!

Satan is an accuser, who belittles and dismisses the
righteousness of the children of God. He accused job
of only serving God because of the blessings the Lord
had given him. What he has done from the beginning
he's still doing. Those tactics have worked for him, so
why should he change his strategy?

Often the originator of lies will disguise himself as an
angel of light. He will use lies that masquerade as the
truth to blind us to the real truth. He will use the people
that wear "masks", pretending to be one thing when
they're really something else entirely.

There is a way to break the "lies that bind." 1 Peter 5:9
says to steadfastly resist the devil in faith. Also, James 4:7
says: "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." But this
verse must be taken in context. We need to first realize
that before we can resist the devil, we must first submit
to God and draw near to Him, Then God will draw near to
us, and give us the strength and tools needed to resist
the devil.

The battle against the whisperers' lies cannot be won in
our own strength. We must utilize all the weapons
 of warfare that God has provided. (Ephesians 6) To combat
Satan's lies,  we must say as Jesus did: "It is written." To
be aggressive in  applying the Word of God to any situation
to resist Satan's lies, we have to know what the Word says.

We need to know all of the Bible in all it's depth and details.
If we are well-versed in God's Word, we will be able to
recognize and defeat the lies of "the whisperer."


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