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  Unfeigned Love

        By: Reda Icenhour    
           Jesus Is Real Ministries
           Jesus Is Real Ministry

           "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the
           Bible tells me so"...we all know that
     Jesus loves us; He carried the
        cross up Calvary's hill because of
       His love for you and me. While
        we were yet sinners Christ loved
         us and died for us. He that knew
          no sin took our sins upon Himself
           and paid the price for us, so there
           is no doubt that Jesus loves us, the
         question is...Do we love Jesus? He
          said if we love Him, we will keep
           His commandments.  John 14:1 )
            It's not enough to say we love Him,
             we have to show our love by keeping
          His Word. John 15:12 says: This is
           my commandment, that ye love one
      another as I have loved you."
          It's easy to say but a little harder
            to put into practice. In other words,
         to live up to the words " I love
            He said whatever we have done for
              the least of these we have done unto
            Him. When we feed the hungry, we
              feed Jesus, when we visit the sick or
         go to the prisons, it is the same
           as going to Jesus. If we do not go,
           then we are neglecting to show the
Lord that we love Him.
          Too many times people "Do unto
           others" if  the others can return
           the favor. It seems a lot of people
             are just looking for a way to further
       their "own ministry." Jesus said
        " looking for nothing in return."
        It seems today that if you cannot
          return the favor not many will give
          to your needs. The Bible speaks of
         "unfeigned love"...unfeigned mean
not pretend, or real.
          1 Peter 1:22 says: "Seeing ye have
         purified your souls in obeying the
     truth through the spirit unto
          unfeigned love of the Brethren,
           see that ye love one another with a
pure heart fervently."
            Jesus' love for us was (and is) real.          
          He proved His love by His actions,
          but not everyone that says " I love
     you," or " I love Jesus" really
          means it from the heart. The Bible
     says in 1 John 3:18 "My little
        children, let us not love in word,
             neither in tongue; but in deed and in
          truth." 1 John 2:4 says: " that he
         that saith I know Him and keepeth
           not  His commandments is a liar
     and the truth is not in him."
       Jesus commanded that we love
           one another as He loved us...enough
         to die  for one another. Many will
        say when they stand before God
       that they have done His works,
         but He will say: "Depart from me
      ye that work iniquity, I never
knew you."
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