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Valley Of The Shadow

  " Yea, though I walk through the valley of the
 shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for
Thou art with me, Thy rod
and Thy staff. , they comfort me."
Hebrew definition for 'shadow'...the idea
of hovering-over, to shade, begin to be
 dark, or an opaque object.

The primary meaning for 'shadow' in this
verse is that of approaching death. However,
the word has various other meanings as well.
The battles we fight in the valley as Christians
 can temporarily obscure the
light, and cause us to falter and become
 discouraged. MICAH 7:8 says: " When I sit in
 darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me."
 Jesus will bring us through our
 dark wilderness, into the light of victory!
Christians are not exempt from suffering.
PHILLIPANS 1:29 says:  For unto you it
is given in  the behalf  of Christ not only to
believe on Him, but also to suffer for
 His sake."  GIVEN...    it is a privilege to
suffer for the Lord, or  it should be.
God does not GIVE bad things, so to suffer
 for the Lord's sake is a GOOD thing.
Often our situations appear unsolvable to
us, and we  may feel like there is no
 way out. But God delights  in
doing the impossible, nothing is too hard for
Him!  Even though His ways are not our ways
 and His thoughts are not our thoughts,
we can be confident that He is aware
of everything that happens to us,
 and He CARES. Because He loves and cares
for us so much, and desires  only our good, the
 things that befall us are filtered through
 hands of love, and with His control.
ROMANS 8:28 tells us that 'all things work
together for good to them that love God,
who are the called according to His purpose.'
 His purpose is to conform us to the image
of His Son, Jesus Christ. If you are His
child, you can know that you know He is working
out your situation to your good and His glory!
Faith is trusting Him when you cannot see,
when you do not understand. God knows the
end from the beginning, and in His time
 all will be made right.
We need to learn to wait on God, trust in Him,
 and not focus on our circumstances. Christ
is glorified when others observe us trusting
the Lord through our trials and valleys, and
remaining steadfast and unmoveable.
Child of God, when you are walking  through
your  'valley of the shadow.'  do not lose faith.
 No matter how dark the night or how
hopeless your situation appears, you are never
alone. God is 'forever a present
help in trouble.' He will be walking through
your valley with you, and when you stumble
or falter, He will pick you up in His strong,  
capable hands and carry  you. Keep
your eyes on Him, trust in Him, wait
on Him, and soon you will see the light!

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