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    Hurtful Words

At times, we are careless with our words. Words
can hurt and wound,  leaving lasting scars. At
times our words can hurt much more that a
physical slap, and make a deeper impression.
As God's children, this ought not to be. Our
words should be a joy to hear, and a comfort
to others.

The Psalmist David prayed that the words
he spoke would be acceptable to the Lord. We
know that what is in our hearts come out of our
mouths. If we use hurtful words to each other,
what is in our hearts? We are not loving each
other as we are instructed to do as Christ's

When we speak "truth" to each other, it needs
to be spoken with love and kindness. We are
not each other's 'judge and jury', but we are to
help each other in areas we are weak in. Words
spoken with this intent is usually received in the
spirit it was given. Words harshly spoken will
only reap bitterness and hurt, and will not
accomplish the thing we are desiring.

As Christians, in the family of God,
let us treat others with kindness and respect.
Let us not 'belittle' others in any way by using
words that we would not say to Christ.
after all, " as we have done (said) unto others,
we have done unto Him! Let us be careful
to 'watch our words', so they are 'acceptable'
unto Christ!

Poisoned Words

The words that come out of your mouth,
are so hard for me to hear.
Somehow Satan has twisted truth,
'till my ears can't seem to hear.

The reason for my dilemma is simple,
My feelings you hurt so deep.
Now I find nothing but questions,
"Is your motive lost in deceit?"

This is the tragedy of carelessness,
when we as Christians do slack.
And forget to act with "Christlikeness",
so others we don't hold back.

-LaNaye Perkins
inspired by the Lord 9-13-00

Copyrighted and used with permission

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