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God has blessed us with a new year, a chance to leave behind the past with it's failures, and an opportunity to focus on  victories ahead in Christ! We have before us a fresh, new year in which to 'grow in the grace and knowledge' of our Lord Jesus Christ. Although we do not know what this new year will bring, we can know the One in charge of all our tomorrows. We can know that He has a plan for our lives, and He has prepared the way for us.
We can march boldly into the future of 2003, or we can fearfully dread what the next day will bring. God has all our years in His capable hands, and we can trust Him. He has designed our journey through this life, and His Word shows us the way we should choose. His Word says He will even go before us and make the 'crooked places straight!' We can live the days of 2003 in power and victory if we so choose. We can make right choices and prosper in the peace and goodness of God.
We start the new year with a fresh page in our book of years, a page that as yet has nothing written on it. It is pure and clean, with no past failures and pain carried over from the last page. Our new page is rich with the promise  of new opportunities, new challenges, new victories  to be recorded therein. God has many exciting, good things for His children in this brand new year, but we won't have them if we insist on staying on the same page, living in the past, repeating old negative habits and patterns. We have an opportunity to change; for if our circumstances is to change, there must first be a change in us. The year 2002 is gone, will never be relived again, there is absolutely nothing we can do that would change any of it. But we can learn from our mistakes, be a better person, and resolve that yes, this year will be different.
Paul says in Phillipians 3 that he is forgetting those things that are behind. Forgetting in this verse meaning to " not let the past hinder or influence the future." We must not let our past rule our future, that is self-defeating, and not pleasing to God. He has forgiven us for our past sins, and we dishonor Him when we constantly dwell on and rehash the past. We need to do as Paul, forget the past, and press forward to the things that are before us.
If our '99 was a wilderness of defeat, a desert of dryness, we have the power to not allow it to be repeated. God says He will make a way in the wilderness, and give rivers in our deserts. ( Isaiah 43:18-19)
If we let our new nature write the pages of 2003, at the end of it we will have  pages in the book of years that is filled with power, joy, peace, victory, and many great deeds done for Christ, signifying a year well-lives and time well spent.
May we get into God's Word as never before, obey His commandments, and endeavor to work in His vineyard, to bring lost souls into His kingdom. May this year be for every one a year that is beautiful in every way!
Let us be about the Father's business!
God Bless You!

If you do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, there is no better time than right now. His Word says:" Behold, now is the day of salvation."  Invite Him into your heart, ask Him to forgive your sins, let Him cleanse you as white as snow. Then your year 2003 will be your best ever!
God has promised to never  leave or forsake His children. He does not ask you to walk this way alone, He will be with you every step of the way. There is no problem too big or too little that God cannot handle. Give your heart to Jesus, He will give you peace, and joy in the midst of your adversities.
Let's celebrate the new!
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