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 How Can I Ask?

 Peggy Jenkins  

Through His Word, Through His blood,
In His promises,   In His love
  By seeking His ways,
    By walking in His paths
   Is how I can ask.
   What He went through, What He came to do
    Brought mercy, grace,  Forgiveness of sins,
   Hope to accomplish each task,
   That is how I can ask.
He knows all,  He is our Creator
    From beginning to end  From the four corners
   of the earth,  To the equator.
    So for a message brought
    into the hearts of His people,
    the blessings of each new day
That is what I want to ask when I pray.
Lives that are empty and lonely,
 Those that hate,  others groan
    For they need a change only Jesus can do
   It's time to ask in faith,  believing
 He will come through.
Jesus is coming soon,  very soon
  For His Bride,
    The Church without spot,  Christians in truth.
      Do you know this Savior, The plan of salvation,
  To be born-again, Are you ready,
  Is what I must ask?

Copyrighted. Used with permission.


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